How to solve the bending problem of acrylic plate

Source:Zhejiang Ruixiang plexiglass Co., LtdRelease time:2021-02-27

1. Vertical grinding method:

In the vertical grinding method, stick shaped or thick plate shaped plexiglass is bonded, and then directly grinded and polished on the grinding wheel. The handicrafts constructed by this method are similar to some kind of sculpture, and form a unique artistic image with colorful nominal shapes.

2. Breaking grinding method:

The plate-shaped plexiglass is overlapped and pasted together to form Haikou house model, and then the cross-section is directly cut and shaped. The plexiglass handicraft made by this method can obtain the effect of changeable color, simple and natural.

3. Paste method:

The plexiglass is cut into shape and pasted on the plane.

4. Mosaic method

Cut the plexiglass blocks of different colors into the geometric figures we need, and mosaic them on the bottom plate. This method requires tight stitching, sharp edges and corners, which can get a strong and integrated color effect.

5. Hot simmer method:

The plexiglass is processed to the shape, heated, and directly molded by hand. Some methods ask for the composition in advance. They are quick and complete at one go. The handicraft made by this method has the advantages of bold lines and simple image.

6. Hot pressing method

The plexiglass plate is heated and hot pressed in the mold. This kind of handicraft is full in shape, smooth in curve, strong in three-dimensional sense, and has the effect of relief. The hot pressing mould can be molded with wood and oil mud, then cast lead, 3lian material and gypsum material can be used as the internal and external mould, and the plexiglass can be pressed after heating.