What are the advantages of acrylic board quality?

Source:Zhejiang Ruixiang plexiglass Co., LtdRelease time:2021-02-27

PMMA, agari, commonly known as acrylic acid, is an important plastic polymer material with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance. Easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful, has a wide range of applications in the handicraft industry.

The light transmittance of acrylic acid is as high as 95%, so many acrylic products are treated and cherished as crystal products. How to show the clear and transparent characteristics of acrylic, reflect the value of acrylic crafts, and give full play to the grade and grade of acrylic crafts, bonding technology plays an important role here.

The adhesion process of acrylic board is mainly affected by two aspects

1. Operation of connection.

2. Applicability of adhesive itself.

There are many kinds of adhesives in domestic and foreign markets, mainly two kinds, one is two-component, such as universal adhesive, epoxy resin; the other is one component. Generally, two-component adhesives are bonded by curing reaction, while one component adhesives are the final volatilization of solvent to achieve bonding. Two component adhesive is characterized by good adhesion effect, no bubbles, no whitening and high strength. The disadvantages are complex operation, high difficulty, long curing time, slow speed, difficult to adapt to mass production. The general one component adhesive has high speed characteristics, which can meet the process requirements of mass production. The disadvantages are that the adhesive products are easy to produce bubbles, easy to whiten, and poor weather resistance, which directly affect the external quality of acrylic products. In terms of aesthetics and product quality.

Therefore, in the production process of acrylic products, how to choose the appropriate adhesive to improve the grade and grade of acrylic products is a major problem to be solved in the bonding process.

Acrylic board quality is very stable, in the outdoor environment also has a good use effect, rich in color, a wide variety, you can easily choose, but also according to their own needs to customize production, so a variety of choices can be suitable for a variety of different environments to use, to bring convenience to your daily work and life.

In terms of quality, it has a very good guarantee. It has a very strong impact resistance. It can still produce a very stable use effect in outdoor environment. When burning, there is no need to worry about producing all kinds of harmful gases to the environment. Therefore, in general, the use effect is really good, and it can achieve a long service life.